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eDOC AS ensures reliable master data through timely and reliable master data maintenance. The focus here is on material master data. These are checked and updated according to article number, producer, description, material class, technical interchangeabilities, measurements and weight, ECCN and customs tariff numbers, among others.

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Your advantages with eDOC AS


  • Plausibility check of the master data
  • Consistency check through data synchronisation
  • Duplicate checking
  • Harmonization of data structures
  • Data cleansing and maintenance using a predefined workflow
  • Import and export to ERP-Systems
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No process without data

Master data is subject to constant change, but at the same time it is the basis of corporate activity. Especially when introducing new ERP-Systems or digitization projects, inconsistencies in the own master data are responsible for the failure of these projects.

Regarding logistics and foreign trade, inadequately maintained master data can even lead to legal consequences and economic disadvantages. Therefore, it is essential to maintain them according to latest versions and binding guidelines.

eDOC AS enables you to map your master data efficiently and up to date. Thanks to the central approach, master data is maintained professionally and consistently according to a uniform pattern. Gain a competitive advantage for yourself with high data quality as the basis for smooth processes.

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In the first step you will be introduced to our team of experts and we will get to know your master data. To sift through data, a first plausibility check is carried out. Problems and weak points are identified and your requirements are noted.

Workflow definition

In the next step, we jointly define a workflow with measurable parameters. Requirements and milestones are discussed before, during and after the migration.

Actuality check

Our experts have years of experience and knowledge of (customs) law. During an update check, existing master data and current legal situations are checked.

Data cleansing and maintenance

Incorrect master data is selected and corrected. Incomplete data is recognized and completed. Duplicates in your master data are identified and corrected. Deviating spellings are adjusted and existing data formats are checked.

Data quality assurance

To guarantee the consistency of your database, we offer QA checks at predefined intervals through sampling inspection.


Central approach

The more complex the master data, the more suitable is a central approach.

  • Uniform visualisation of the data
  • Professional master data management
  • Harmonized database
  • High data consistency


Material Master-Service​​
Professional data maintenance creates a solid base in the ERP-System

Are you satisfied with the quality of your material data? Can you retrieve technical interchangeability? Find the answers in this flyer.

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