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We tariff large material master data and individual goods according to the Combined Nomenclature and European and international standards, including TARIC, TARES and HTSUS.

Our prompt and professional takeover of projects is transparent and comprehensible through the Shared Service Center.

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Your advantages with eDOC AS


  • Correct classification of goods in customs tariff according to TARIC, TARES and HTSUS
  • International customs tariff classification according to the Combined Nomenclature – Harmonised System
  • Customs compliant goods description
  • Correct and substantiated material texts
  • Maintained and complete foreign trade master data
  • Clear identification of the flow of goods
Use case

Correct customs tariff numbers

The classification of goods in customs tariff is obligatory for every customs declaration. The customs tariff number influences all foreign trade processes.

In addition, correct classification of tariff numbers is becoming more and more important. The growing supply chains abroad are facing increased protectionism. At the same time, errors or deviations in foreign trade audits are easier to identify due to digitalization.

Our experts at eDOC AS are trained in technical and customs law. They are supported by our software solution eTAR DATA.

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During sample analysis, we check the existing data quality of material master data for tariffing. For this, we analyse the following criteria:

  • Customs tariff numbers
  • Material texts
  • Goods descriptions

The data check enables a clear preparation of the actual foreign trade master data and simplifies focused processing.


In a workshop, we identify the need for action, define initial work packages and interfaces and give you an insight into our work processes. At the same time, we get to know your goods and special features and define an individual service.

Tariff classification

After a review and workshop, the search for missing customs tariff numbers as well as the review and adjustment of existing customs tariff numbers begins.

The research uses the following sources:

  • Technical specification
  • Drawings
  • Product catalogue
  • Electronic customs tariff

When assigning customs tariff numbers, we follow the Combined Nomenclature (CN) and the customs tariff TARIC (Integrated Tariff of the European Community). Outside the EU and in the international area, other standards are considered, including Tares (CH), ASEAN (South East Asia), HTSUS (US).


For detailed traceability, ATLAS goods description is prepared which is oriented on customs tariff. This description is set up according to uniform and comprehensible modules.

The assignment of the customs tariff number is optionally substantiated by the following services:

  • Specification of the general regulations (AV) used for classification
  • Specification of the relevant export codes
  • Specification of the relevant export control classification

Delivery and processing

The import and export as well as the complete processing of material master data is carried out in software solution eTAR DATA. The cloud-based data model with dedicated abstraction layers offers an intuitive user interface and an integrated tool to process large data sets.

We work location-independent in the Shared Service Center. Thus we guarantee a timely and transparent processing.


With the transfer of foreign trade master data, our experts give recommendations and impulse for future processing and maintenance.


Service packages


Schraube und Mutter
Project work

We oversee and take on a pre-defined project, which we complete after handing over of the results.

Ad-hoc Service

For single goods we offer a short-term customs tariffs within a few hours. We guarantee an answer to your inquiries within one working day.

Schrauben und Muttern
Continuous support

As a partner for your tariffing projects we work on call. The acceptance of the projects and the assurance of quality rests on the customer.

eDOC AS als Integrierte Kette

We work independently in a predefined rhythm and undertake the complete customs tariff allocation and direct uploads of the results into your ERP-System.


Professional article

Underestimated risk classification of goods
Problematic cases from practice and their solutions


What are the common problems with customs tariffs? What are the common errors? How can they be avoided? Find the answers in this article.

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So that everything runs smoothly during foreign trade audit.

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