Customs savings with preference and origin

eDOC AS supports in determining the origin of goods, completing the required database and carrying out the preference calculation based on preference work rules.

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Your advantages with EDOC AS


  • Plausibility check of customs tariff number
  • Procurement, verification and care of supplier declarations
  • Determination of preference status based on supplier declarations and invoices
  • Individual service correlating to requirements
  • Examination of the current valid rules of origin
  • Import and export in ERP-System
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We optimize your export costs

In international trade, there are different trade agreements between the individual countries. Customs savings and trade policy measures vary according to the preferential origin of a product. This is calculated using the preferential tariff rate.

eDOC AS supports you in the calculation of the preferential origin based on the following proofs of origin:

  • Customs tariff number
  • Supplier declarations
  • Origin of goods or countries

Our experts research, update and calculate completely, flexibly and reliably even large numbers of material master data.

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For an individual solution according to your needs, your foreign trade master data is checked for data quality. The customs tariff numbers of the material master data are viewed and existing supplier declarations are reviewed and checked.


Missing or incorrect customs tariff numbers are adjusted by our experts. Non-existent or incomplete supplier declarations are requested.

Determination of preferential origin

We support you with the necessary information for the preference calculation. Alternatively, we determine the preferential origin independently.

In borderline cases according to the share, our experts make recommendations for actions or take over further measures independently.


The preferential rules differ from country to country. We will assist you in determining the preferential origin.



Customs tariff classification
The essence of customs tariffication

Customs tariff numbers as a central data element in the field of customs and foreign trade.

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Customs savings with the preferential origin

Learn about how eDOC AS supports by the export costs optimization. Our new brochure presents 22 pages with the complete service portfolio of eDOC AS.

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