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eDOC AS supports you in export control of material master data according to the annexes of the EG Dual-Use-Regulation in the software solution eTAR DATA.

Our experts take over the dual-use inspection of large material master data with efficiency and without errors.

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Your advantages with eDOC AS


  • Country specific embargo checks
  • Export list check
  • Testing according EG Dual-Use-Regulation
  • Dual-use test via correlation list
  • Code detection for prohibitions and restrictions
  • Consideration of the War Weapons Control Act
  • ZTN plausibility checks
  • Validation of results
  • Import and export in ERP system
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What is delivered to whom, in which country and for what purpose?

In order to ensure the internal and external security of a country, exports controls are becoming increasingly strict. Importing and exporting companies must take the export control regulations of the international and domestic areas into account.

With eDOC AS, even large material masters are checked quickly and efficiently during export controls. The inspection is carried out in accordance with EG Dual-Use-Regulation as well as country specific embargo regulations. In the eTAR DATA software solution, the hits relevant for export control are marked and provided with clear separate notes on the respective regulations.

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In the first step of the sample analysis we check the existing data quality of your material master data. For an efficient support, the complete and correct foreign trade master data is required. This is ensured in the service “customs classification”.

Interface to the correlation list

The customs correlation list is based on the data of export and the chapters of goods list for foreign trade statistics (WA). In our software solution eTAR DATA, the customs tariff number forms the interface to the correlation list. The customs tariff number and a shortened description is assigned to one or more export list numbers (ALNUM). These “hits” are either confirmed or excluded by our experts.

EG Dual-Use-Regulation

After viewing and evaluating the hits in the correlation list, the test in the annexes of the EG Dual-Use-Regulation follows. The eTAR DATA software solution links the hits in the correlation list to the correct place in the annexes of the EG Dual-Use-Regulation.

Identification and marking

Our employees trained in export control law track the hits in the annexes of the EC Dual-Use Regulation. The validation of the hits is done with the help of the following sources:

  • Technical specification
  • Drawings
  • Product catalogs
  • Customs tariff number

The marking of the validated hits as well as references to the respective regulations are carried out directly in your ERP system.

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Software solution eTAR DATA

Export control via the correlation list is carried out in our intelligent software solution eTAR DATA. The cloud-based data model with dedicated levels of abstraction offers an intuitive user interface and an integrated tool to check even large data sets for export control.

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