Data Quality in a blink of an eye

eDOC AS offers a comprehensive, cloud-based data model with dedicated levels of abstraction, for correct and efficient classification of goods in customs tariff.

eTAR DATA is the tool for the classification of large data sets in the customs tariff.


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Your advantages with eDOC AS


  • Fast and clear ZTN-mapping through full text search
  • Intelligent search and suggestion algorithm
  • Customs-compliant ATLAS goods description
  • Correlation list for dual-use evaluation of export control
  • Multi-user application across locations
  • Validation of export control and customs tariff numbers
  • Daily updates from EZT-Online
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For a transparent and efficient tariff number classification

eTAR DATA is a unique combination of software solution and service: Based on years of experience, it solves current and complex requirements quickly and easily. Risks and errors are manageable in customs tariffs and export controls. With the combination of a predefined level-support, workloads and large data sets can be mastered.

  • Intuitive user interface
  • Integrated tool
  • Field-tested data model

eTAR DATA supports parallel work on a joint data model across locations.

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The import of your foreign trade master data takes place via an interface with your ERP system. The user interface with dedicated abstraction levels is individually adapted to your requirements. eTAR DATA is in a permanently updating environment through EZT-Online interfaces, correlation list BAFA and annexes of EG Dual-Use-Regulation BAFA.

  • Customs tariff classification through full text search
  • Customs tariff classification through recommendations feature
  • Product designation
  • Export control through correlation list
  • Impulse

Customs tariff classification through full text search

After importing and preparing your material master data, customs tariff numbers can be assigned clearly and quickly using the full text search.

eTAR DATA Volltextsuche

Customs tariff classification through recommendations feature

Alternatively, customs tariff numbers are automatically suggested via an intelligent search and suggestion system.

eTAR DATA Vorschlagsfunktion Bezeichnung

Product designation

eTAR DATA generates a customs-compliant description of goods with the used names, assigned article numbers and the correct customs tariff number.

eTAR DATA ATLAS Warenbeschreibung

Export control through correlation list

For the dual-use evaluation of export control, eTAR DATA compares the assigned customs tariff number with the BAFA’s correlation list. To undertake this, the hits in the correlation list as well as their description are imported.

By linking with the EG Dual-Use-Regulation of BAFA, the hits can be directly checked in the correct annex. Subsequently, the results are marked and validated separately.

eTAR DATA Umschlüsselungsverzeichnis


Our flexible support includes the individual setup of the website and its user configuration. A user manual and screencasts for special features are delivered additionally. Through trainings, information about new features and regular updates, you will always be informed and kept up to date.

Highlights Version 2.7

New features and the most important changes

Blacklist/Whitelist for dual-use exam
ALNUM lists for specific customs tariff numbers can be generally selected during the dual-use check by a whitelist or generally excluded by a blacklist.

History of selected ALNUMs
The history of the previously selected export list numbers is now displayed.

Branding & Formatting
The new eTAR DATA logo was added. Headers, borders, colors and spacing of forms were corrected.

Link to online portal EZT-Online
Individual customs tariff numbers can be checked via a link to EZT-Online.

An activatable watermark can be used to highlight the staging system to avoid mistakes.

Bugfixes and small improvements as well as customer specific adjustments


Multi-User Application

For efficient projects, eTAR DATA supports cross-location collaboration. A freely definable role and rights management as well as a change history and change marking with time stamps ensures controlled access to your data. 


Service Level Agreement

During workshops and a status review, the range of service is determined together with the customer.

How you benefit from this:

  • Reduction of workload
  • Increase response time
  • Developing skills
  • Outsource responsibility

The support is based on your needs and is divided into three levels.

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eTAR DATA webinar

In a live demonstration you will be guided through the abstraction levels of eTAR DATA software solution.

Our product manager will demonstrate the database functions in an interactive webinar and show you how eTAR DATA can be used to classify customs tariff clearly and correctly.

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Export control with eTAR DATA

eTAR DATA is the ideal tool for the classification of large data sets in customs tariff. The efficient approach via the correlation list saves a lot time and ensures transparency.

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Professional article

Export control in practice
Dual-use testing of large material master data


How important is export control for companies? Who is liable? And what solution offers eDOC AS. Find the answers in this article. (german)

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Corporate brochure
Data quality in a blink of an eye with eTAR DATA

Read about how eTAR DATA is the right tool for tariff classification of large data. Our new brochure presents 22 pages with the complete service portfolio of eDOC AS.

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