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New version of the Correlation List 2021

eTAR DATA Export Control 2021

The updated Correlation List as a tool for dual-use verification in eTAR DATA


For the dual-use verification for export control, our software solution eTAR DATA matches the assigned customs tariff number via the recoding directory of BAFA and TARIC. In doing so, the stored Correlation List takes the status of Annex I of the EC Dual-Use Regulation through Regulation (EU) No. 2020/1749 of October 7, 2020 into account, the status of the Export List through the 16th Regulation amending the Foreign Trade and Payments Regulation of October 26, 2020, as well as the current chapters of the List of Goods for Foreign Trade Statistics for 2021.

Export control not always clear

Anyone who wants to export must first check whether the goods to be exported are covered by the annex of the DualUse Regulation or the export list and therefore need to be controlled or not. In doing so, the export control regulations in the international and European area must be considered for each individual item. This can take up a lot of resources, as the legal situation and allocations are not always clear.

Dual-use verification with the help of the Correlation list

In our database eTAR DATA, the initial classification of export control is done using the Correlation list. In doing so, the Correlation list starts from the number of the lists of goods for foreign trade statistics and compares it with the corresponding number in the annexes of the EC Dual-Use Regulation of BAFA. Our employees, who are trained in customs and export control law, check and validate the matches and, if necessary, mark them with separate notes on the relevant regulations.