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eDOC AS as an auditor of the customs tariff

Einspritzsystem von Woodward L'Orange

Reference report on the customs tariff services provided by eDOC AS to Woodward L'Orange

Woodward L'Orange has stood for innovation, knowledge and experience for over 80 years as a pioneer of state-of-the-art injection technology. The tradition-rich company develops, produces and distributes pioneering injection systems for large engines worldwide. At its locations in Germany, the USA and China, the company currently employs over 1,000 people. The range of products and services covers the entire product range and a broad spectrum of injection technology parts, including the latest common rail technology for all off-highway applications in the diesel and heavy fuel oil sector.


Woodward L'Orange had already addressed the issue of customs tariffs and provided internal capacities. An external auditor was only supposed to check and confirm the quality of the previous classifications.


eDOC AS was appointed as an external auditor and expert in the field of customs tariff classification to check the data quality.

The first step was to review the existing data and prepare an on-site workshop in Stuttgart. The aim of the workshop was to learn about the specific products at Woodward L'Orange and to define rules for customs tariff classification together with the customer. In the postprocessing of the workshop about 100 rules could be defined, which were formulated and accepted by the customer. Based on a combination of part numbers and material short texts, these rules were to ensure a uniform classification of similar article numbers. In total, the rules could be applied to about 80% of the entire data set.

The remaining 20 % were considered individually. For the individual classification, further research was consulted, including technical documents.


About 80% of the article numbers could be defined and tariffed by rules. These rules will still serve the customer as future tariffing guidelines and facilitate customs tariffing. The remaining 20 % could not be mapped via rules and were therefore tariffed individually.

Except for common deviations in individual cases and superordinate classifications in the customs tariff, we were able to confirm the good condition of the previous classifications in the customs tariff at Woodward L'Orange.

"The cooperation always took place in a friendly atmosphere. At the same time, a joint concept was quickly developed and professionally implemented with eDOC AS. eDOC AS is a real expert who knows the customs tariff very well.”

Torsten Abeln, Dipl.-Wi.Jur. (FH), Export Control and Customs Representative at Woodward L'Orange

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