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Brexit - Impact on preferential law

Präferenzkalkulation neu duchführen

Consequences for preferential rules of origin as of 2021


With the expiration of the transition period at the end of December 2020, the United Kingdom has left the EU. With the Brexit, a trade agreement was adopted between the EU and the UK.

The trade agreement only includes trade in goods between the United Kingdom (UK) and the European Union (EU) and grants duty-free treatment for products that originate in the UK or EU. However, it does not include preference processing with respect to any other EU agreements.

Recalculating preferences

Goods from the UK are no longer EU goods after the end of the transitional period and are therefore no longer eligible for preferences in this respect.

The same applies for input materials from the UK, which will lose their preferential origin with the Brexit. They will be treated as non-originating input materials. Working and processing in the United Kingdom will no longer be regarded as originating. According to the EU Commission, this also applies retrospectively to goods that have already been delivered.

These changes have an impact on preference calculations. Anyone who produces, processes or has processed goods in the UK may have to carry out a preference calculation again.

Re-request supplier declarations

With the changes to the rules of origin, supplier declarations from the United Kingdom issued before 01.01.2021 will generally lose their validity. Exceptions and further regulations can be found here.

Who is affected?

All companies that have a connection or trade relationship with the United Kingdom are affected by the changes in customs and preference law. Here it is important to face the new bureaucratic challenges and to deal proactively with the preference and origin issues.

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