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2021: Changes for customs tariff numbers and country codes

New customs tariff number for corona vaccine as well as new country codes

New customs tariff number for corona vaccine as well as new country codes

Customs and foreign trade law is subject to constant change. At the beginning of each year, numerous changes in the areas of customs, preferential law and export control come into force. It is important for exporting companies to keep track of these ongoing changes and to check whether their existing customs tariff numbers are affected and whether any action is required.

The changes for 2021 are set and can be read here in german in a report from the Federal Statistical Office DESTATIS.

The most important changes

From 01.01.2021 Northern Ireland and Great Britain will receive new country codes. For exports from the EU to Northern Ireland the country code XI has been assigned, for exports from the EU to Great Britain the country code XU has been assigned. Further customs consequences from the Brexit have not yet been officially published.

Many changes for 2021 concern goods related to Covid-19. For example, the vaccine against corona viruses will be given a new customs tariff number (3002 20 00), and differentiations will be introduced for face masks (ex 6307 90) and respirators (ex 9019 20).

In order to keep up with the constant changes, it is recommended to update the foreign trade master data regularly to avoid false declarations. eDOC AS offers a comprehensive service in master data management, especially for the maintenance and updating of master data in foreign trade (customs tariff numbers, export control).