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We create data quality!

Our world revolves around master data. With maintained master data, workflows and processes are optimized, costs can be saved and risks can be avoided. We aim for this with our services and solutions.

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Customs Tariffing, Data Maintenance, Technical Editing, Procurement Outsourcing


Over 80 employees

Software Provider

eTAR DATA for an efficient tariffing and export control


Mechanical and Plant Engineering, Aviation, Vehicle Construction, Textile, Chemical and Food.

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Where we come from

We emerged from an outsourcing project started in 1997 by a large maintenance and repair company in the aviation industry. The task was to process detailed technical specifications for aircraft maintenance.

We developed this highly specialized service into marketable and proven service concepts for other industries: A successful project became a future-oriented company.


Who we are

We are a family-owned business in first and second generation. An open and direct communication, fast and efficient solutions as well as a differentiated and individual signature – that is our USP!

Loyalty, Reliability, Trust and Honesty are our central values. These values combined with innovative strength and a long-term perspective are the foundation of our business.

We create data quality for more than two decades. Our trained employees take on responsibility and enjoy their work. This is important to us! And it is also important for our customers!

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Dipl. Ing. Detlef Prien

Owner and Managing Director

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Malte Prien

Sales Manager and Shareholder


Loyalty is the base of our relationship with our customers and our employees.


With reliable services we establish long-term partnerships.


For us, trust forms the basis of a contract.


Our innovative methods guarantee the highest level of transparency and honesty.

After more than 20 years of experience

we can look back on many successful projects. With pride we present a selection of our satisfied customers.

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What drives us

Efficient and sustainable solutions are our passion. Satisfied and successful customers are our motivation. We work and improve ourselves every day, so that our customers in turn can work and improve their work, of which we can also be proud.

Our employees are our capital. Our goal is excellence in master data management! We offer extraordinary performance and great service. We implement requirements in a goal-oriented manner, optimize our methods continuously, carry out projects on schedule and within budget and offer long-term partnerships.

Therefore we have defined promises, which we would like to guarantee our business partners.

Value Proposition


Career at eDOC AS

eDOC AS supports companies in digitalization processes, in foreign trade and with operational purchases with the creation of high data quality.

And we strive for more. We use our know-how, our innovative strength and our passion every day to secure and expand our success. You too can help and become a part of our future!

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Learn everything about eDOC AS: What are customs tariff numbers? Which export control regulations should be observed? When is it time to place my purchase in professional hands?


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