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Master data maintenance, customs tariff numbers and technical documentation

We started with processing detailed technical specifications for aircraft maintenance and developed this highly specialized service into marketable and proven service concepts for other industries. By now we specialized on three core areas: customs tariff numbers, master data maintenance and technical ducumentation. We work a very wide range of industries, such Mechanical and Plant Engineering, Aviation, Logistics, Vehicle Construction, Textile, Chemical and Food.

Customs tariff numbers

We tariff large material master data and individual goods according to the Combined Nomenclature and European and international standards, including TARIC, TARES and HTSUS.

Customs tariff numbers

Master data maintenance

Master data is checked and updated according to article number, producer, description, material class, technical interchangeabilities, measurements and weight, ECCN and customs tariff numbers, among others.

Master data maintenance

Technical Documentation

We set up the complete technical documentation for our customers from installation instruction to technical illustrations and software manuals.


Technical Documentation

Customs tariff numbers - who is behind it?

We are a family-owned business in second generation and we are committed to the idea to tidy up data for Customs and Foreign Trade.

For more than two decades we support our customers successfully in creating customs tariff numbers and maintaining master data. Furthermore, we are the reliable partner creating technical documentation, especially for the mechanical and plant engineering business. We foster an open and direct communication as well as fast and efficient solutions in all our projects.

We are happy and proud to look back on many successful projects on master data management, customs tariff numbers and technical documentation. We create data quality in a wide range of industries and help our customers to succeed.

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